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Forbidden Music Regained

On 21st June, 2017, the Leo Smit Foundation launches an online repertoire catalogue presenting 35 biographies of composers who were persecuted in the Netherlands during WW II: WWW.FORBIDDENMUSICREGAINED.ORG

A database containing more than 1,500 compositions can be searched on the basis of genre, instrumentation, year of composition and duration. With each composition, information is given on where to find the manuscript and - if published - a direct link is given to purchase the sheet music. As much as possible, audio samples as well as links to CD-recordings are given.

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In the past twenty years, the Leo Smit Foundation gathered a wealth of information on composers who lived and worked in the Netherlands and were persecuted by the Nazi's in WW II. After the war, their music was hardly performed. Partly because the composers were killed and they could no longer promote their own music, partly because their music was thought lost and forgotten, partly because a new generation had eagerly filled the gap.

The knowledge we gathered in the past twenty years contains almost lost and unknown manuscripts, biographical information, photographs and locations of published works that are no longer available. We also have an archive of high quality recordings, made during almost 200 Uilenburg Concerts.

Towards international recognition
With this project, the Leo Smit Foundation aims to gain international recognition for this forgotten group of composers by:
- making sheet music available in good performance quality
- making and releasing recordings
- identifying relevant archives and making their content accessible
- telling the story of forbidden music in the Netherlands to an international audience


Forbidden Music Regained

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