20 years Leo Smit Foundation


Monday 15th October | 20.15 hrs

Rosetta tanzt und singt

Bob Hanf
WORKS by Leo Smit, Reine Colaço Osorio-Swaab, Hans Henkemans, Alphons Gaalman, Gerard Drieman, Bob Hanf, Gerard von Brucken Fock, Leo Samama and Luctor Ponse.

Songs by Dutch composers of the first half of the twentieth century. In Georg Büchner’s play ‘Leonce and Lena’ Leonce persuades his lover Rosetta to sing and dance for him. A hundred years later Bob Hanf (1894-1944) was inspired to set the text to music. On the same theme, Nijhoff wrote a poem about a dancer entitled ‘Kleine prélude van Ravel’ (Theme on a Prelude by Ravel). In 1938 Leo Smit (1900-1943) wrote a wonderful piece transforming the text to music. Hans Henkemans, Alphons Gaalman and Gerard Drieman are other names to note in the Dutch musical heritage.

Irene Maessen - soprano
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Marianne Boer - piano


Monday 12th November 2012 | 20.15 hrs

Avondlied (Evening song)

Stan Golestan
WORKS by Ludovic Feldman, Marcel Mihalovici, Alfred Mendelsohn, Max Eisikovits, Stan Golestan, Frank van Gompel and Mathieu Polak

In 2011 the Jewish Historical Museum mounted an exhibition of works by avant-garde Jewish artists from Romania entitled ‘From Dada to Surrealism’. The museum asked Eleonore Pameijer to match it with a suitable programme of music by early twentieth-century Romanian Jewish composers. Together with Romanian musicians in the Jacques Thibaud Ensemble they discovered fantastic compositions that can now be heard in the Bethaniënklooster concert series. The programme also includes two premieres by the Dutch composers Frank van Gompel and Mathieu Polak.

Ludovic Feldman - Cantec de seara (Evening Song) for cello and piano (1952)
Marcel Mihalovici - Mélodie for flute and piano
Alfred Mendelsohn - Preludiu (from Partita for violin solo, 1959)
Frank van Gompel - Elegie for flute, violin, cello and piano (2006)
Max Eisikovits - Images chassidiques for cello and piano: Elegie et danse - Rhapsodie chassidique
Stan Golestan - Sonatine for flute and piano (1932)
Dick Kattenburg - Quartet (1943)
Mathieu Polak - Le baiser d'amour for violin solo (2012, premiere)

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble:
Eleonore Pameijer – flute
Burkhard Maiss – violin
Bogdan Jianu – cello
Andrei Banciu – piano


Monday 10th December 2012 | 20.15 hrs

Baltische zielen (Baltic souls)

Paul Hermann en Zoltán Székely
WORKS by George Gershwin, Arvo Pärt, Heino Eller, Paul Hermann, Ludwig Otten, Dick Kattenburg, Heleen Verleur

In his book ‘Baltische zielen’ (Baltic Souls) Jan Brokken describes the tragedy of the Baltic states through the lives of famous people, including the composers Arvo Pärt and Heino Eller. Many refugees from the Baltic states found a new life in the United States, including the parents of Jacob Gershowitz (better known as George Gershwin). The pianist Marcel Worms and violinist Ursula Schoch used to play the musical intermezzos during readings of van Brokken. In this concert only the music is performed. The programme also includes recently discovered works by two composers who disappeared in the Nazi contentration camps, Paul Hermann and Dick Kattenburg.

George Gershwin - 3 Preludes for violin and piano (transcription Jasha Heifetz)
Arvo Pärt - Sonatine No. 1 for piano
Jurgis Gaizauskas - Tweede sonate voor viool en piano (1966)
Heino Eller - Sonate No. 1 in A minor for violin and piano
Paul Hermann - Quatres epigrammes
Paul Hermann - Toccata for piano solo
Ludwig Otten - Sonatine for violin and piano
Dick Kattenburg - Rhapsody for violin solo
Heleen Verleur - Capricious Blues

Ursula Schoch – violin
Marcel Worms – piano


Monday 21st January 2013 | 20.15 hrs


Ernest Bloch
WORKS by Erwin Schulhoff, John Borstlap, Ernest Bloch and Stan Golestan

A spectacular sonata for violin by the Romanian composer Stan Golestan (Stanislav Golesteanu) is played in all probability for the first time in the Netherlands. A new work, Serenade by John Borstlap was specially written for the Jacques Thibaud Ensemble. Other works by Erwin Schulhoff and Ernest Bloch.

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble:
Eleonore Pameijer – flute
Burkhard Maiss – violin
Bogdan Jianu – cello
Andrei Banciu – piano


Monday 18th February 2013 | 20.15 hrs

Verschwiegene Lieder

Henriëtte Bosmans
WORKS by Henriëtte Bosmans, Lex van Delden, Viktor Ullmann, Hans Krása, Jan van Gilse, Bob Hanf and Hanns Eisler.

The Nazi regime forbad many composers, many of them because of their Jewish origin. Their songs are revived by the baritone Robbert Muuse and pianist Micha van Weers. The music, from Czechia, Germany and the Netherlands, includes many styles of the first half of the twentieth century from Late Romanticism and Impressionism/Expressionism to avantgarde and jazz influences.

Robbert Muuse - baritone
Micha van Weers - piano


Monday 18th March 2013 | 20.15 hrs

Chants de Catulle

Sylvia Maessen
WORKS by Sylvia Maessen, Hans Gál, Matyas Seiber, Hanns Eisler and Darius Milhaud

An unusual ensemble including soprano, violin, clarinet and piano. Sylvia Maessen has written a new work for them. In different combinations, four women play the music of composers who fled Germany in the 1930s: Hans Gál, Mátyás Seiber and Hanns Eisler. The programme also includes works by the French composers Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc.

Gauguin Ensemble:
Yfynke Hoogeveen - clarinet
Loes van Ras - piano
Irene Maessen - soprano
Sonja van Beek - violin


Monday 15th April 2013 | 20.15 hrs

Coplas Sephardies

Jascha Nemtsov
WORKS by Alberto Hemsi, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Joseph Achron, Mosche Milner, Michail Gnesin, Alexander Krein, Grigori Krein and Julian Krein

Jascha Nemtsov and Tehila Nini Goldstein come specially for this concert from Berlin. They present works by Russian Jewish composers who at the start of the 20th century were producing a new Jewish sound. The Spanish Jewish coplas by Alberto Hemsi are inspired by Greek and Turkish folk music.

Joseph Achron - Canzonetta; Das Täubchen flog vorüber
Mieczyslaw Weinberg - 12 Stücke (Miniaturen) for flute and piano op. 29
Maurice Ravel - Deux Melodies Hebraique: Kaddish, L'Enigme Eternelle
Moshe Milner - 3 songs from the suite 'Die Mutter und das Kind': Ojfn grinem Bergele; Der Schifer; Der Foigl
Jakob Schönberg - Der Tanz auf der Wolke for soprano, flute and piano
Rita Hijmans - 'Een grijze morgen' (a grey morning) for flute solo (première)
Alberto Hemsi - 3 songs from 'Coplas Sefardies': Ya salio de la mar la galena; Aquel conde y aquel conde; Mercar vos quiero, la mi mujer
Alexander Krein - From 'Petites poèmes' op. 30 for piano: Andante con anima
Grigori Krein - Vision op. 17 nr. 1 for piano
Julian Krein - Pièce à la Mémoire de Paul Dukas for piano
Michail Gnesin - Jad anuga hajta la
Joseph Achron - In a Kleiner Schtibele; Wie einsam wurde ich...; A Kapele Konzertisten

Tehila Nini Goldstein – mezzo soprano
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Jascha Nemtsov – piano

Marcel Worms en Ursula Schoch

Marcel Worms and Ursula Schoch perform the 'Baltic Souls’ programme on Monday 10 December 2012.

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble

The Jacques Thibaud Ensemble from Berlin are guest artists on two occasions this season in Bethaniënklooster.

Robbert Muuse en Micha van Weers

Micha van Weers and Robbert Muuse make their debut in the Uilenburg Concert series with the programme 'Verschwiegene Lieder' (Silent Songs) on 18 February 2013.

Gaugin Ensemble

Yfynke Hoogeveen and Loes van Ras together form the Gaugin Ensemble. On 18 March they make their debut in the Uilenburg Concerts in for a joint programme with Sonja van Beek (violin) and Irene Maessen (soprano).

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